Friday, April 9, 2010


Not that I am proposing, OR it is a proposal to me. But this is definitely something that you will see here often – the dedications of the Central Park benches. I will be honest – some of them make me cry. Not this one though.
 This one – well, I hope that all worked out for Keturah and her incredibly romantic fiancé, and she said “yes” (should I look for the bench?), and they got married.
 FYI, the dedication of a bench doesn’t come cheap. But it lasts a lifetime. I have been following the “benches” for a while now, and have my favorites. Not all of them are happy.

If you are curious about how much it would cost, it starts around $7,500 going up to around $25,000 for a hand-made ”rustic” bench.


  1. What interesting information, I had no idea. And very expensive!

  2. T.Becque, love your "Thoughts in Images"! And yes, "adopting" the bench in Central Park is expensive, but what an amazing way to make something to be remembered for years to come! Every dedicated bench has a story and, as I mentioned in the posting about them, some are incredibly touching.