Sunday, April 4, 2010


Today’s picture is a traditional take on this beautiful celebration: Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.

It faces Rockefeller Center and takes up the whole block between 50th and 51st Streets. I will post about it again and not once, but this time will mention the international part of its history - my family and friends in Europe will be happy to have such a connection!  In addition to the talented artists from Boston, the artists from Chartres (France) and Birmingham (England) were involved into making the stunning windows of the Cathedral. Plus, the beautiful Pieta is a work of the Italian master Araldo Perugi. Another Italian, Paolo Medici, is a creator of Saint Elizabeth altar.


  1. Absolutely Stunning. This is one of my favorite structures in the U.S. and your capture is magnificent. Nice work.

  2. An inviting shot of a church I've never seen but would love to.
    Happy Easter Monday to you. Greetings from Jerusalem.

  3. Dina, this was a weekend of celebrations for many! Thank you for your wishes! After looking at your blog, I agree – you would absolutely love visiting Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.

    Jon, thank you. Yes, St. Patrick’s is truly incredible! I catch myself whispering “so beautiful!” every time I enter it.

  4. fantastic shot. good for you. you clearly have a terrific eye, as evidenced by even this, but more especially the more unusual and unique shots you get

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