Saturday, April 10, 2010

Falling Man

This is Chelsea. The place is “The Cell” (338 West 23rd Street), a venue for literary readings, theatre and music performances, drawing sessions, and many other art related activities. The neon figure is the “Falling Man” by Craig Kraft, one of the leading American neon sculptors. 

The "Falling Man" found its permanent place a year ago on the façade of the Cell Theatre after travelling the world since its creation in 1995. Some think that the man is actually dancing on the ledge, some see him climbing…

In the neighborhood full of restaurants, where the attention is drawn to the ground floor of the buildings, this neon colorful figure stands out on the background of the dark windows high above the ground. Chelsea is known for a relaxed atmosphere, coming to life late at night. The “Falling Man” lights up in tune with the surrounding – with the night’s arrival.


  1. Sounds like a neighborhood that I would enjoy very much. Very striking neon sculpture. Count me among those who think he's climbing.

  2. very cool and put me in the "falling" group lol

  3. Hilda, there is so much to love about Chelsea! It is not the prettiest neighborhood in Manhattan, but it is definitely one of the liveliest, especially on a warm summer evening.

    Tanya, you are my first follower! Thank you!:)