Sunday, April 25, 2010


Brooklyn Bridge. Rainy, misty night. Sparkling skyscrapers disappear in the fog. This beautiful vision is even more special because this is the walk to my favorite island, this is the walk home.


  1. Beautiful! I love city lights at night and this is made even more lovely by the mist and gleaming bridge.

  2. Cool photo! Next time I go to the city I will have to go accross...I hear there are some great brunch places right under the bridge on the Brooklyn side!

  3. Hilda,
    Yes, I think that on a rainy warm night Manhattan has a particularly mysterious, somewhat surreal feel. By the way, LOVED your posts about the island where you just went!

    I don’t usually find myself going back and forth over the Brooklyn Bridge. However, after that night on the picture I am hooked and will be back and not once – this is New York at its best! Definitely do it!