Saturday, April 17, 2010


The sky is on everybody‘s mind these days. Here is the picture of what I see whenever I look up – very typical for the midtown Manhattan. The sky was clear and very much “flyable” today in New York. Wishing the same for my dear Europe!

It just happens that many people in the circle of my close friends and family are constantly traveling. Today one of my closest friends from Genève is flying to Nigeria. With my wishes of the safe flight to him I am hoping things are going to get better for everybody who is stranded in one of the affected airports.


  1. beautiful shot. I love it. it's wonderful in its own right but it's also so New York

    KC Photog Blog

  2. To PFLOW:
    Thank you, Kevin! The city of course is full of all sorts of experiences and “wow!” moments, but this one – looking up into the infinity of the densely packed skyscrapers - is unmistakably New York. Mesmerizing!
    Thank you again for your kind comments!

  3. i have to agree with kevin, the shot is very new york. you're lucky to see one of the best skylines in the world blue. truly amazing!