Wednesday, April 14, 2010


... and I did!

It is just a moment – a day, or two - and then the flowers are gone!

I took this picture of blooming Magnolia trees next to Cleopatra’s Needle, right behind the Met Museum in Central Park.
I am always amazed at how short the spring is here, in New York. It feels like there is winter, and the next thing you know – summer is in full bloom, accompanied by the first heat wave and mass swimming in the ocean. Change of seasons creates routines, expectations and memories. Mine are completely mixed-up since I moved here. So I try to catch the spring while I can, appreciating it even more due to its short life. And it is breathtaking! The trees blossom in all shades of pink and limitless intensity of white – a sudden, incredibly tender and feminine touch for the tough New York.


  1. i am always amazed by the change of season outside of my own little world. in manila, we only get two seasons: hot and hotter! but other than summer i have seen snow and have experienced spring. i have also had my heart broken one autumn day. i must say experiencing the changes in season enriches the personal experience we go through. i love this photo of the magnolias.

  2. Pia, thank you!
    So - no more autumn for you I guess!;) But I have to confess - fall is my favorite season. Even though it did witness my broken heart too. I say - let's keep the autumn, and make other adjustments!
    Somebody put it well - Live, Love, Learn:)

  3. magnificent shot. fantastic. and you're so right. while this is so beautiful, it's also there for such a short time, isn't it? as nature lovers and photographers know.

    KC Photog Blog

  4. thank you blue! it's the only way to go.. live love learn ;)