Monday, December 27, 2010


Usually full of traffic, Park Avenue is a Winter-land today

We got snowed in! No fun if you have to go to the office today. Much better situation for those who could work from home or just took a day off.  Central Park is full of kids, and there are snowmen of all possible shapes and styles everywhere. 
And it seems that everybody had a sled ready!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I know, I know – many of you in Europe got to witness a rather damaging and disruptive side of it lately. But for New York it is the first real snow of the season.

It has started in the early afternoon today. That's when I took this picture in Central Park, right behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The “Beatles” group with umbrellas are obviously tourists. I hope they went promptly to change - they would be in a bad shape promenading in Central Park in heels under this snowfall.

 For those of us who have either children or dogs (or both) the first snow is a special sort of joy. You all know what I am talking about.

 I want to use this very appropriate picture and sort of appropriate day (ok, a bit late) to wish you all a very happy Christmas. I had a really wonderful celebration, so I have a good excuse for posting my holiday wishes late. But the wishes are still the same – for you and your loved ones to live in peace, in love, in joy and in a constant discovery of many wonderful sides of each other. Happy Christmas!

Monday, December 13, 2010


They see you when you are sleeping; they know when you are awake…

I bet you had no idea there is a Santa Claus Convention… But there is one, and very appropriately it is happening in New York. Voilà!

Do you have more than one Christmas wish? Not a problem (and welcome to the club!). Many Santas are willing to help.

OK, I am a horrible blogger. I travel way too much to keep my finger on the pulse of only one (even if the most exciting one) city. But I love New York with all my heart, and whenever I am lucky to get back home, I am thrilled to share the energy of this city with those who love it from afar. I will do my best to be more consistent (it looks like I've just decided on my New Year resolution!!) :)

Wonderful to be back – to NY and its people, to my camera and the blog, and to those who are still checking in – THANK YOU!