Saturday, April 3, 2010


Every morning it is a dog’s heaven in Central Park. Although during the day the rules are very strict about keeping your pooch on a leash, the morning hours before 9am belong to ever-growing community of dogs and their people. The same is for the evening hours after 9pm. There are limitations still, but it is fair to say that the park becomes a playground for one of the most spoiled layer of Manhattan population. This picture was taken right behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art, between the entrances on 79th and 85th streets.

It should be noted that the law of picking up after your dog is reinforced in the park as much as in the rest of the city. As the dogs leave, the next wave of daily tenants rolls in to play on the same grounds – the kids have their own heaven here, but that’s for a different post.

I must add that making this post one of the first ones in my new blog is not an accident. Whenever I am starting the day with the morning walk in the park with my dog, it is a happy day. So I try to make it there as often as I can, almost every day. My rambunctious giant poodle absolutely loves “bumping” into her friends there, makes sure the squirrels know their place (high up on a tree) and there are no stray tennis balls lying around (we have a collection of her park trophies). Whenever I return from the travels, the morning walk in Central Park signifies “I am back home”.

PS. If you want to see the “dog-friendly” map of Central Park, click here.


  1. How wonderful for the dogs! I can only imagine the drama there everyday (I see two in your photo in what looks like a face off). Looks and sounds fantastic. Is yours the black one? With a baguette? (!)

    Welcome to the CDP community! I hope you have as much fun here as your dog does in the park. :)

  2. Hi Hilda,
    You are the first to leave a comment for me! Thank you! And thank you so much for a warm welcome! Yes, the dog with the baguette is mine. I guess it is somewhat a natural outcome for a pup from a French family;). And yes, it looks like I found an equally exciting playground for myself with this blog. I have been following many of the city blogs for a while and just now added yours to my list. Manila – very much looking forward to exploring it through your eyes. Thank you again!