Thursday, April 8, 2010


It looks like there was concern that just a “Wet Paint” warning wasn’t enough to prevent tired tourists from sitting down on these benches. “Wanna bet” did the trick though, plus made people smile. You might need to click on the picture to read the sign.

This is the Channel Gardens Promenade at the Rockefeller Center, a very pretty place right in the middle of many attractions of the midtown. Right before Easter I saw the gardeners bringing in the flowers and installing new decorations to welcome the season. Painting the benches is the last touch and hopefully there will be no “betting”!

 This Promenade, adorned now with fragrant white lilies, is an area between Fifth Avenue and the sunken plaza with an ice-rink. The sculpture that you see on the picture is one of several fountainheads, creation of René Chambellan, an American sculptor who studied in Paris and New York, and became famous for his architectural sculpture.

I will post a picture of the Promenade in its full Spring glory in a few days.

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