Monday, April 5, 2010


Before summer takes over and the green of the trees blocks the view (not that anybody would mind!), here is a stretch of Central Park West "skyline". As you might know, the buildings surrounding the Park on its West, South and East sides are a part of the most coveted real estate not only in New York, but in the country. 

You are looking at the stretch from 71st to 75th street of the Central Park West, a very desirable area to call home.

Starting from the left, there are 29 stories high twin towers of the Majestic, an art deco apartment building, constructed in 1930-1931.

Next to the right is the legendary Dacota (1884), which became tragically famous when one of its most celebrated residents John Lennon was killed in 1980. His wife Yoko Ono still lives there, and the Strawberry Fields Memorial ("Imagine") is located right across the street, in Central Park. 

Next, just a little taller than Dacota, is Langham, built in 1904. This elegant building has its own fascinating story and, as the other buildings, deserves a separate post.

The last on this picture is San Remo (1929). Its twin towers are the tallest along Central Park West. This residential skyscraper is considered to be one of the most prestigious addresses.

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