Wednesday, April 28, 2010


If you catch yourself in an urgent need of some to-die-for hazelnut ice cream on the Upper East Side, this is THE place! If this sudden craving happens to you in the SOHO area – wait until I post about Van Leeuwen Ice-Cream truck that parks right in the middle of Greene Street. But that, as I said, is for the other post.

Sant Ambroeus, the Milanese expat, is not only about ice-cream of course! They serve a great cup of espresso (a real one;), they make out-of-this-world pastries that look like architectural jewels, and offer a really tasty menu for lunch and dinner. The second Sant Ambroeuse, in the Village, is more relaxed, with tables outside so that you can bring your dog, which I do once in a while. But I happen to pass this one, on Madison Avenue, often … umm… way too often! That is considering my love for the above mentioned Hazelnut ice-cream. The other place I pass often is a local Gym. Strangely, I don’t find myself being as loyal to it as I am to Sant Ambroeus.

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  1. Great designing for a Cofee shope. Those lights just invite people around!