Monday, April 19, 2010


The utterly magnificent and super popular Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) is not my favorite museum in New York, but I would say that it is the one that surprises me most often.

The set of exhibitions that are being held now in MOMA keeps bringing me there over and over again. It is impossible to mention one, or two… without leaving out the others.

I went there today again: this picture is from an exposition “Marina Abramovic: the artist is present”. Here is the link for those who are interested in detailed description. The post would be enormously long if I attempted to describe her works. Her art is in action, and in the way it affects the viewer. She is present, just as the title of the show suggests . She is the one dressed in red on the picture. She sits still the whole day, almost every day, while her MOMA exposition lasts. The person across from her is yet another visitor, taking invitation to sit across the table and lock the eyes with the artist. And you can see it LIVE during the museum hours.

If you are in New York, really make an effort to stop by MOMA. For the whole day!

There is Tim Burton exhibition – is it even possible that all these creatures are products of the imagination of just one mind?!?!

Then there is an amazing retrospective of Henri Cartier-Bresson. He could be called the first city blogger ever!!!

And then there is an incredible William Kentridge!..

I am not going any further, because there is so much to list! And it is even without mentioning the permanent collection.

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