Thursday, April 22, 2010


“The Garment Worker”, also known as a “Jewish Tailor” is the most famous work of Judith Weller. Installed in 1984, this statue, along with gigantic button and needle, is a landmark of the Garment District. 
 No need to remind about the importance and popularity of fashion in New York. The clothing industry not only puts the city among top places when it comes to style and fashion design; it is also one of the city’s largest employers, giving jobs to more than 200,000 people.

The Garment District with its very active life is an interesting place to observe, even if you have no connection to the industry. But if you belong to those who get excited when they see beautiful fabrics, ah, you are either in heaven or … in huge trouble!! Numerous fabric stores line the streets, and the selection is painfully tempting. Good luck leaving empty-handed. The good thing though is that there is a choice for every budget.

So here we go – visit, browse, imagine, buy and create! And then, before you know, you’ll be showing at the Fashion Week!

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