Friday, June 25, 2010


Most of the street vendors sell the same pictures, same paintings, same fun and funny mementos of the city they represent. Once in a while you would stumble across something unique. SoHo in my opinion has the most diversity in the choice of the artistic expressions. However, just because I live nearby, this is the vendors outside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art that I am the most familiar with. Today, passing by the familiar row of vendors, I saw somebody new. The thing is it was impossible to pass him without stopping. His choice of art that is meant to keep your memories alive about New York, is to paint it on a t-shirt. On the spot he creates what is the most dear to you. You got smitten by the Brooklyn Bridge, fell under the spell of Central Park, got mesmerized by the Guggenheim, or just had a stroll with your love in the Village? You have a chance to take it with you – on your t-shirt.

His name is Soheil Tavakoli. And please do follow the link – you will be amazed by his story. He is an architect and an artist-painter from Tehran, Iran. He’s been living in US for the past several years, not too long in New York. Whenever he has time for this, he enjoys making his drawings on T-shirts on the spot. It is an artistic expression, and an immediate appreciation. And he is really good! The drawings he makes for the t-shirts capture the mood and the pace of the city, giving a snapshot of little details so particular to New York. The one that you see on the picture is made for a lovely young woman from Canada. She was patiently waiting for it to be done – it takes Soheil about 40 minutes to finish one t-shirt. And I have to say – this is very much the Guggenheim I know! And I see it all the time. There were other drawings – including of women with dogs on a NY street (I know, very close to my heart subject; only the dogs were really little, and mine of course is huge).

 Well, I am always curious about the art of the street vendors, but this is the first time I am tempted. I know a number of people who would be happy to get a small present – a t-shirt with their favorite part of our beloved city;). Hm… The possibilities are endless!


  1. Ohh, it sounds and looks really awesome :) I'd like a shirt like this... it must be expensive though

  2. This is Soheil Tavakoli. Thank you so much. I surprised when I received this Article about me. I don't know when but I remember this painting and the conversation. I was painting on 5 Ave, NY. :)

    To order a one of a kind t-shirt like this please call" 1-646-247-3456 or e-mail me @

    Unfortunately I am no longer working on the street.

  3. Soheil, so lovely to see that you found this post! Too bad you are not in the Met area any longer – I think people really loved your art. Thank you for leaving your contact!
    Have a great day:). Blue.

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