Sunday, June 20, 2010


It’s Father’s Day today! To every man who happens to be somebody’s dad – happy Father’s Day!

Yes, true, there is a big commercial part in this sort of “days”, but it doesn’t take away from the real meaning.

 The subjects of my post today are a father and his two sons doing a weekend shopping. The boys were full of energy and couldn’t stop prancing around carrying their part of grocery bags. Three of them have created a procession, stretching along the street. This shopping trip was obviously a fun thing rather than a boring domestic chore for them. And this, I think, is the art of being a great father – turning a routine into a festive event. At least that’s what my Dad was known for, and immensely loved as a father. He just knew what the joy of life was about. And that without losing a bit in being “all that” – successful, responsible, strong – as society demands.

 I happen to know a number of wonderful dads. For their children they are not only loving, caring and incredibly supportive, but also are fun, silly, playful and great examples of taking life as an adventure. To them and especially to the one who is my kid’s dad - you are the best, darling:) – happy Father’s Day!!!


  1. Surely my small son, three years of age, did help me much to carry the weigth of life more easily, even though he keeps me in an upright positon, even during the night ;)

  2. Ha! They sure are masters of night’s entertainment in this age;). And our hearts’ keepers for years to come. Robert, your poem from couple of months ago about a child and pebbles, along with the picture that went with it, is one of my favorites of all time. Now I know who gave you inspiration!