Saturday, June 19, 2010


I mentioned before that unless you drive a motorcycle, the fastest way to cross Manhattan is subway.

Today I was running really late and had to get to the downtown from the Upper East Side really fast. The wise choice for me was the subway. And so the picture for today’s post is from there.

The dress code for the hot days (it was+30C!) is non-existent in NYC. It is up to your heat tolerance and your social limitations. But I have to say – you will definitely see much more daring approach to fashion on a hot day in NY than let’s say on a hot day in Paris or London … well, maybe not in Rome or Barcelona. But definitely compared to the one in Genève!

Taking a subway ride you should expect parade of bare legs, shoulders and an incredibly confident attitude that puts everything into the right places. And here I will just quote Meg Ryan from “You’ve got mail”:

“Don’t you just LOVE New York?”

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  1. Nice to see that the subway offers that much space. Wishing you always a safe road ahead and a nice start into the new week as well.

    daily athens