Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Washington Square Park Fountain
Greenwich Village

The summer is over. As adventurous and full of surprises and discoveries as it was, it feels so good to be back to New York and to the routines of “back to work” life. I embrace the beginning of my favorite season – the autumn. Ah! Diving right into the daily grind feels so much better when the air is finally cooling down, and even the summer-hot days turn into breezy evenings. Seasons are suddenly appreciated that much more.

To whoever is reading this – I hope your summer was as joyful as mine. I hope you are finding pleasure in getting back to your life and to the city where your home is, the one that was patiently waiting for your return. In my case it is the best city of all – hello, New York, I have missed you!
Last splashes of summer.

PS. No, the kids are not mine:).  


  1. Glad you came back and are posting again!
    Autumn is one of my favorite seasons, too. I've heard it's awesome in NYC (well, so it is here, but this year it seems to be a bit too cold...), and it must be such a relief after the hot summer.

  2. Thank you Kat! Yes, it is much colder in Europe now than here. We are still “struggling” with summer;). The most beautiful days are still ahead - when the air is cool and the colors start to change.
    Thank you for a warm welcome back!

  3. Welcome back! Hope you had a great vacation! These are lovely last-of-summer images.

  4. Thank you Hilda!
    Yes, the vacation was combined with the business, which took care of the guilt factor;). Good to be back and lovely to hear from you! Thank you!