Thursday, June 3, 2010


I just love the subject of my post today!

 For many many months now I am passing by a major construction that is going on in my neighborhood. The site is one of the buildings of Ralph Lauren flagship complex on 72nd and Madison. I saw the old building being demolished and now am witnessing the birth of a new one. When it is finished, it is supposed to compliment in style and beauty the building that is just across Madison Avenue, also a part of Ralph Lauren Boutique, - the magnificent Rhinelander Mansion, a French Renaissance revival.

 I always wondered about the people who are working on something so rare for the New York construction scene. Obviously, they are masters of their trade, so they have probably a vast experience with some interesting examples of architecture. But working on a replica of such a splendor… It must be quite something.

 So, finally, I came to the subject of my post – the hands that build that house:). Please meet Jim, Max, Dario, Mike, Navel and lovely Tanisha. From this day on I will always think of them whenever I see this new building – while it is being born, and when it is finished and unravels itself in its full glory. I am sure the building will have a playful smile, warm heart and pure goodness built into its DNA – coming from these people I wouldn’t expect any different.

 I have to mention – they were sitting just like this, in a perfectly balanced, full of character, group, when I was passing by and made a bee-line backwards to ask permission to take their picture. Tanisha is the most relaxed and feminine girl - the perfect “cherry on top” of this male formation!

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you all when I pass this place again, and again, and again…


  1. It is always interesting to see true professionals at work. Like these guys. A fine portrait of the builders.

  2. THank you for taking our picture today. It's nice to know that there are people who have an interest in the work that NYC hardhats do. Thanks a million.

  3. To Anonymous:

    Max, you are such a great group of people and it was a real treat to meet you all. Walking away I kept thinking about this positive friendly vibe that you have between each other and with those passing by. I am so happy I stopped to take a picture. It still makes me smile when I look at it. What you do is very cool:). Can’t wait to see the finished project… and maybe take a picture of you all in front of it! Thank you and a warm hello to the rest of the group!

  4. You certainly brought life into the life of this city. Please have a nice weekend.

    daily athens

  5. They did seat themselves in perfect balance!