Monday, June 14, 2010


When I went to the Metropolitan Museum couple of days ago (see the previous post), I took several pictures of the new exhibition on the roof – Big Bambú by Doug and Mike Starn.

For those not familiar with this, the Met’s Roof serves very often as an extension of the museum, providing space for some very interesting shows. This one is really unusual. Instead of sculptures there is a … forest! Densely “growing” bamboo makes you find your way in this hand-made jungle. The cool part is that this whole structure is actually “growing”! It is constantly in the process of development. Every Monday, when museum is closed, the “bamboo” team works on the expansion of the structure. The exhibition has opened at the end of April, and by the time of its closing on October 31st it is going to be a completely different vision.

If you are in NY during this time, don’t miss the Bambú! You can actually climb on top of the structure (see the picture with “stairs”?), but not by yourself. It is a guided tour for which you should reserve a space. No, I didn’t go up yet.

 Let me know if you need more information about the tours and the Big Bambú, and I will be happy to send you all the links.


  1. Cool! It looks like it'll be fun to climb — on your own! ;)

  2. Wow!!!!!!!!!!What interlacing!!!!!!!!!!!!