Friday, September 10, 2010


According to Mayor Bloomberg, fashion industry is the second-largest in New York. It supports 175,000 jobs and $10 billion in wages. Apparently, New York has twice as many companies related to fashion than any other city in the world.

September 9th is the first official day of fashion week in New York. This is when we find out what the world will be trying to wear in the spring. It is THE craziest time for thousands of people involved – from designers, to production, to media people, to retailers, to models – and of course, for those aspiring to be any of the above. I saw so many model-looking girls on the streets this afternoon that finally I gave up and got out my camera.

Whether these two girls are walking runway this week or just playing wishful thinking, doesn’t really matter. They contribute to a special mood in Manhattan, a very particular to the Fashion Week. It is the mood of celebration, of anticipation, of looking into the future and of appreciation for all the hard work that goes into every little detail of this frivolous on the outside business.


  1. I am not involved in the fashion week, nor fashion year.....
    But one day I hope to see Manhattan outside the winter- IT WAS VERY COLD the only time I have been there.... But your photos from your city are so inspiring, so I better start saving....

  2. Well, ... guess that time and fashion did change since I was young ...

    daily athens

  3. To GUNN:
    Aren’t you from Norway? Ah, it must have been REALLY cold when you were here:). But it is a known fact – nobody chooses to live in New York because of weather. The summer heat is even worse. The best time to visit in my opinion is early autumn or April-May. Thank you for your kind words about my blog!

  4. To Robert:
    You made me laugh! I saw the same message on the faces of many people who were looking at these girls on the street. So – you are not the only one noticing the changes in time and fashion!