Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It’s Tuesday again on September 11th. Like it was in 2001. And the morning is so beautiful in New York, very reminiscent of the one 11 years ago.

If you were here, you remember. You remember everything. The sunny blue sky, the light wind, and exactly where you were and where were your loved ones. Every person has its own memories. Many have their own losses. However, there is a profound uniting element too in this tragedy. And not only for New Yorkers, but for many others who took this event deeply into their hearts. We learned so much about us, humans. And a lot of what we have learned gives us faith in humankind.

There is no way I would not post on this day.
I've abandoned the blog due to my crazy travel schedule, but I always knew that I would get back to it today. And this morning, stopping by the firehouse to bring flowers, I thought that I would like to tell more about these people. For me one of the most significant points of heroism that the world got to witness eleven years ago lies in a simple fact – this is what they do: they save lives for a living. Heroes? You bet. On many more days than one.

So once again, here are the pictures of my neighborhood’s firehouse. This time I also took some pictures inside. In the future I will make a point to talk about their everyday work. And for now I will just repeat– thank you.

The FDNY lost 343 of their firefighters in September 11th attacks. So thank you to those men who gave their lives on this day eleven years ago, and to those who – every day – are serving this beautiful city and extending to us, New Yorkers, their human touch, literally and figuratively speaking.
I’ll keep sending them my “good luck” whenever I see fire trucks rushing through the neighborhood with sirens.


ready to be jumped in...

Please take a look at the World Trade Center Commemorative Time-Lapse Show created by an EarthCam. It is a short movie, just under a minute and a half, but what a tribute to Manhattan: 


PS. This is my third post about 10th Battalion (Engine 22. Ladder13). I talked about them on September 11th 2010
and on September 11th 2011:

Have a beautiful day everybody.

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