Thursday, September 13, 2012


Taking a dog for a walk is never dull, but tonight’s promenade with my pup resulted in much more entertainment than we are used to: Lady Gaga is in the neighborhood! Yep, she is launching her perfume Fame with a black-tie masquerade gala in the Guggenheim Museum, and this is happening right now.

I didn't come too close or stayed for too long - my doggy is a sensitive creature and not a big fan of things loud and sparkly. But I do have to mention that what surprised me the most was the level of noise, or rather absense of it - no music, no... nothing! So even if you were just around the corner you wouldn't know that such an event is taking place right under your nose.

Guests are arriving in costumes ranging from a simple sparkling mask with a feather, to a... well, full blown "bells&whistles". Some are really cool.

Abercrombie has nothing on them!
Hope you all had a beautiful night in your neighborhood;)

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