Tuesday, May 4, 2010


When I was passing the Metropolitan Museum of Art on my way to work this morning, I saw this scene: a crew of cleaners was hard at work, washing the steps of the Met and the surrounding area. It felt very much like bringing back in order your own place after some eventful party.

 Last night there was a big celebration in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Costume Institute Gala, an equivalent of the Oscar for the fashion world, is an annual event, and attracts all sorts of famous personalities, not only those who are in fashion. You can read about the festivities in many newspapers. A lot of them are placing the pictures from the event on their front pages.


  1. one would love to enjoy such a "morning after". makes one glad to know that you are able to. please have a peacefull and nice thursday.

    daily athens

  2. Yes, coming from Athens, your comment has a much more somber meaning, than it would otherwise. Hope things get better soon where you are, Robert.