Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Time Square Subway station.

The name of the K-9 dog is Maddux. Born in 2007, he has been “in service” for more than a year now, working side by side with his human partner Stephen. Their team – a dog and a man - is specializing in patrol, tracking, evidence recovery and criminal apprehension.

 Stephen and Maddux have been assigned to this area long before the last week’s events. They are monitoring the Time Square along with other Dog Patrol teams. Whenever I pass by, somebody is always there.


  1. this is awesome! we have such a team in every mall and hotel entrance here in manila too. i know what it represents is actually sad but whenever i see them all i end up wondering is whether i could pet the dogs!

  2. Maybe they could teach police over here.

    Please have a peacefilled Friday.

    daily athens