Saturday, May 1, 2010


…and her Romeo.

They are forever in each other’s embrace. Lovers’ dream.

Today is the 1st, which means it is a Theme Day. Here you will see the pictures from all the participants.The theme of today is "Statues".

 Standing right outside Delacorte Theatre in Central Park, this statue is a tribute to Shakespeare, whose plays are performed here every summer. And this picture is my tribute to the dear to my heart Verona and to all Romeos and Juliets.

Sculpted in 1977 by Milton Hebald, it was a gift to the Central Park from George Delacorte.


  1. So lovely and graceful! I like the style that the sculptor used for this piece.

  2. It is indeed "love", being the only reason I can imagine to die for. Beautiful photography !
    Please have a wonderful Sunday.

    daily athens

  3. Hilda,
    the mood of this sculpture is tender and dramatic at the same time. And yes, you are so right – so graceful!

    Yes, agree. Said that, what comes to mind is how lucky we all are whenever we encounter the love that gives us reasons to live and feel alive! :)
    Have a lovely Monday!