Friday, September 11, 2015


Hello, dear random visitor. 
This is not the regular kind of blog as you might have noticed – conceived as a daily, it has become …well, annual. Many reasons – travels mostly, and this year also a couple of broken legs…

My love for New York cannot be any stronger than on this day – September 11th. The day fills you with sadness, and pride, and joy, and frustration, and compassion, and many other contradicting emotions. 
I love New York. I love people who call it home – New-Yorkers. Please, if you don’t live here, come and see for yourself. You will meet the most hardworking and fun-loving crowd. For the most part.

So – today. It started with grey serenity – in the sky and in the mood of the city. And then, as the day progressed, the sun came out, and so did the smiles, and laughter and busy crowds, of tourists and locals.

Every September 11th I dedicate my post to the local firehouse. Yes, I am partial. I see their trucks every day on the neighborhood streets. I bump into them (firemen, not trucks) in the local Fairway supermarket. My dog used to LOVE their biscuits - they always have plenty for the four-legged neighbors. And! If this was not enough - they are the nicest group of people. Could it be that all the firemen of NYC are like this? I wouldn’t be surprised. So this year again, I am saying here what many people feel, today and every day - thank you! To you and to your families.
And the next time when I see you flying through the streets of neighborhood, I will pretend to mind my own business and not notice you. But the truth is, there will be a heartfelt prayer for your safety coming your way.


PS. For my friends who are checking if I posted today – oh, have faith in me, people. You knew I would. 

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